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Our mobile application provides user friendly interface and excellent features for the day to day invoicing.

Its very handy to make invoices while you moving and directly send to your customers. Invoices are backed up automatically and sync between the web application and other devices.

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Create Tax invoices, Estimates to your customers and share them online.

InvoiceTemple allows to create error-free bills and invoices. Send professional invoices and impress them. We have several file formats to share via email, whatsapp, SMS etc. Share Bills, Quotes, Purchase Orders in PDF, Excel, CSV, Images etc.

This Free billing software available in mobile application and it comes with variety of invoicing solutions. You can share the tax invoices to your customers Whatsapp, email, download and print. In this app allows you to generate certain amount of invoices free per month and you only need to upgrade if you want to utilize full feature of this free billing software.

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Here we focus the usability and user friendliness. Manage tons of invoices without any special knowledge. Invoicing for small business lets you manage your sales with ease

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Estimates | Quotations

It is the place you can quote the amount and send it to the client directly. After the estimate approval, convert to estimates to invoices in just a single click and your new invoice is ready..

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Auto Sync

No more worry about your data backup. We support simple and user friendly mobile app and sync your mobile and web data together and keep it safe always. User data security and easy restoration is our first priority.

Organize your finance at one place

View monthly records of invoices send and received

Whether billing and invoicing for small business or corporate. Get the clear picture of what is going on your sales and manage the received amount from the clients. Download invoice records as CSV and PDF files.

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Powerful tool invoice editor that work perfectly

We designed the user interface that increase your productivity and get the job done in minutes. Save your precious time. Whether you are handling invoicing for small business or large company. lets join with us.

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How it works

Every business invoice you create should have the following elements:

Invoice number

Giving each invoice its unique number or code helps both you and your customer stay organized. Use a unique identifier for each business invoice to differentiate between multiple customers or multiple invoices to the same customer. Invoice Temple will auto-generate a unique invoice number for you, though you can decide on the format you wish to use.

For example, you can assign invoice numbers chronologically (like Invoice #0001, Invoice #0002, and so on) or use a specific format for each client (like Invoice #CustomerA0001, #CustomerB0002, and so forth).

Invoice date

State the day the business invoice was created. This is especially important if your payment terms dictate that invoices be paid within 30, 60, or 90 days of the invoice date, for example.

Business logo

A business logo makes your invoice look professional and gives customers an added sense of confidence when making payments.

Business contact information

Your business invoice should clearly display your business name, email, and phone number, as well as your website and physical address. Listing this information makes it easy for customers to contact you with questions and can eliminate payment delays.

Customer contact information

Include your customer's name (or the contact person's name and title, if you're working with a larger organization) on the business invoice. Add any other contact information you have, including the customer's email, phone number, and physical address.

Description of products and services

Include an itemized description of each product, project, task, or service included in your business invoice.

Price and quantity for each product or services

On your business invoice, indicate the quantity of each product multiplied by its price. If you provide a service, list either your flat fee or an hourly rate multiplied by the total hours worked.

Taxes or discounts

Once discounts or taxes are applied to the subtotal above, indicate the total amount due, and the date by which the business invoice should be paid.

Notes, comments, and payment terms.

This is the place to include information about your payment terms, a simple "Thank you for doing business with us" or both.

For example, you can let the customer know exactly when you expect to be paid: is payment due upon receipt, upon completion of a project or product delivery, or a specific date in the future? Is there a deposit that must be paid, and if so, when is it due? If a client pays past the due date, is there a late fee? Finally, if customers require you to list a PO number on your business invoice, you can do so here.

Once you set up these basic elements, make sure your invoice is presented in a pleasing and professional format. If you use Invoice Temple, you can make use of pre-built templates to make a great impression!

Invoicing as a billing method can offer advantages and disadvantages to businesses; however, the crucial point for businesses is how invoice payments are collected. The payment method that a company accepts on their invoices will determine whether invoicing is beneficial or a bottleneck to business growth.

  • It prompts payment.
  • Invoices remind clients of the work completed or goods provided.
  • Invoice Temple is a useful record-keeping tool.
  • It's an opportunity to send a positive message about your company and brand.
  • Time saving. Powerful editor tools saves your precious time.

Quotation & Estimates

An estimate is a best guess of how much a job might cost. A quote is more exact. Once you've accepted a quote, the contractor has to do the work for that price.

Professionals Using Free Invoice Generator Online

1. Freelancers

If you have more than a handful of regular clients as a freelancer, you can consider using an invoice generator. Using software means you can save time, stay organized and start accepting payment via credit card.

2. Business Invoices

Using an invoice generator not only saves on time, but also saves on the costs of paper, stamps, and/or envelopes. Even more so, having a paperless method for invoicing eliminates the need for filing and storage.

3. Agency Invoices

Use an invoice generator for freelancers, to make your invoice look professional and easy to read.

4. Sub Contractor Invoices

Easy customization to fit your specific needs. Pre-made templates save time and energy. It can be used as a basis for creating more detailed invoices if needed. It can help to ensure that you are billing your clients correctly.

5. Tax Invoices

A GST-compliance purchase invoice contains the details of the parties involved in the mentioned transaction and lists all goods and services sold, with their prices. This bill also displays the percentage of discounts and taxes charged on each item, besides other details.

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