Create Invoices Quickly with Free Invoice Templates

Make a lasting impact on your clients. Use Invoice Temple's free invoice templates to design and send customized invoices to your customers.

Free Invoice Templates
Free Invoice Templates Free Invoice Templates Free Invoice Templates

Download the free invoice templates

With invoice temple's templates, business owners can easily send out invoices. Our professional invoice templates are designed to improve brand recognition and provide clients with a professional experience. Try our free invoice templates, or scroll down to find more templates by format type or industry.

Why use these free invoice templates

Invoice templates creates invoices. And we created this free one for You
  • It works for both products and services.
  • All formatting standards were verified with local experts.
  • Includes a sample invoice to help you in filling it out.
  • There are two versions: tax and non-tax.
  • Plus, you get expert guidance on how to be paid.
Free Invoice Templates
Free Invoice Templates
Free Invoice Templates
Free Invoice Templates
Free Invoice Templates
Free Invoice Templates
Free Invoice Templates
Free Invoice Templates
Free Invoice Templates
Free Invoice Templates
Free Invoice Templates

Download templates

  • Free Invoice Templates
    Microsoft Docs
  • Free Invoice Templates
  • Free Invoice Templates
    Microsoft Excel
  • Free Invoice Templates
    Microsoft SpreadSheet
  • Free Invoice Templates
    Microsoft Word
  • Send your client an invoice in three simple steps

    1.Select an invoice template from our large collection

    You can choose from a variety of invoice templates that best match your brand and modify it your preferences

    2.Download or email the invoice directly.

    Send invoices to your customers as soon as you make them or download the invoice PDF

    3. Accept online payments through multiple gateways.

    Accept payments online by integrating with a payment gateway of your choice.

    Highlights of the invoice temple templates

    We've worked hard to make certain that you get the best offered template.

    • All versions are printable
    • Created from scratch.
    • Include important invoice elements.
    • Automatically calculate subtotals and grand totals.
    • Consistent formatting

    Templates formats
    Based on Your Business

    Download one of our blank invoice templates in Excel, Word, or PDF, then create and send your invoice to your clients.

    Free Invoice Templates

    Excel invoice template

    Excel Invoice Templates are perfect for businesses that need to categorize a big number of products or services due to the ease of use of its formulas.

    Free Invoice Templates

    PDF invoice template

    Portable Document Format (PDF) invoices can be password protected, increasing their safety. Our PDF Invoice Template is professional-looking and simple to customize.

    Free Invoice Templates

    Word invoice template

    Microsoft Word Invoice Templates are great for businesses which want to create branded invoices with graphics, colors, and other customization options.

    Free Invoice Templates

    Google sheet invoice template

    Google sheet invoice templates allow you to quickly create Excel-style invoices in easily shareable google sheets.

    Free Invoice Templates

    Google docs invoice template

    Similar to word invoice templates, google docs templates allow for more design customization.

    What are the benefits of using a good invoice template?

    Your invoices are your clients' last interaction with your company. Using a great invoice offers several benefits:

    When you have access to free invoice templates, you may as well enjoy the benefits.

    Create your first invoice with our free invoice generator

    Frequently asked Questions?

    This is a pre-designed format or layout that businesses use to generate and distribute invoices to clients. It usually contains important information such as the company's name, contact information, invoice number, an itemized list of products or services given, quantities, pricing, taxes, and the total amount owed.

    When it comes to template selection, you have several options. Each has benefits and tradeoffs:

    • Templates are available in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF.
    • Google Drive templates (Docs and Sheets)

    Microsoft Word is used for writing general documents like letters and reports. In most cases, Word allows you to create attractive documents. However, adding line items, totals, and calculating taxes can be tedious. There are always some invisible and immovable ends at work. Do yourself a favor and skip creating a template from scratch. Instead, utilize one of the several free invoice templates available here.